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In this tech-savvy city all the business’s require most trusted vendors for them to operate smoothly and error free and who are equipped with all the latest improvement in technology. But this is not possible with most of the vendors because most of the vendors look at making high profits and don’t look at the prospective of buyer and one more main reason being that most of the vendors are not aware of the technology available as they are not very active in the industry.

We at PCKumar are deliberately working on improving our knowledge and most importantly our relationship with our partners such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Asus, Acer, Intel, AMD, Gigabyte and many more who help us making this city more smarter.

We deal with bulk orders from others vendors and distributors who wish to work with us and making it easier for them and for the buyers by getting the best price in Bangalore and being consistent at it. You can make a quick meet up with us.

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