We are the first team to provide complete data sheet on how the performance will be after analyzing companies computational requirement. We expertise in building Computers for MNC’s where no mistakes are entertained. In this very speeding up world where even an small mistake can break the deal, the whole of companies data and accountability are also in risk. At PCKumar’s you will get clear clarity on what you will be buying and how the result’s will be. We are not ony expertised in building P.C’s but also deliver the pre-built desktop’s from brands like Dell, H.P, Lenovo and Acer.

We have helped many companies overcome the barrier of poor IT structuring and managed to make efficient environment for your workforce to lead on. This is very important segment for any business, these computers or machines will help you in a long run be it Data storage, Content Creation or Computational power for many application. With our expertise your company will have the right computers for all needs and will be always ready to assist even if the computers are not working or not making upto your expectations.

We deliver desktop computers for variety of the niche, yours might be of the below mentioned.

BPO office

Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Bengaluru has become a very compatitive in terms of outsourcing the work from other countries. Outsourcing work requires knowledge, experience, [...]

Research and development

Research And Development(RND)

Powerfull computers required for performing many calculations and algorithm that go into the lab's. Bengaluru has become the center for [...]

hospital computer

Hospital precision computers

The working environment in the hospital are quit different from others places. The doctors of this new era require new [...]

pharmacy computer


This is probably the most important niche in the society, the everyday hassle that the industry has to face is [...]

Bank computer

Banking Sectors

This generation has been very competitive especially in banking sectors. The financial services provided by the emerging technologies that provide [...]

data center

Analytics and Data

Data has become an integral part of any business or person. We all store some kind of data on the [...]

ecommerce store

ecommerce store

The new generation of shopping have made its mark in India from brands like Amazon and Flipkart bringing the whole [...]

Computer Lab schools

School Computer Lab

Todays modern schools have made it easy for students to study by bringing desktop and laptop in to the labs. [...]

Computer science lab

College Computer Lab

Today's modern colleges have made it easy for students to study by bringing desktop and laptop in to the labs. [...]

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