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Who are Creators?

For me Creators can be any one how create any kind of data online. It can be Photo Editor, Video Editor, Creating Artificial intelligence enabled devices or creating web applications or mobile application.

Computer were only meant to do Calculations, accounting and store data when they were first introduced but now the Computers play very important and dynamic role in everyone’s lives. Some of us just surf the internet some of do accounting and some of just watch movies.

These above mentioned task is achievable even in 10 year old PC and mobiles phones also. When for longer and harder tasks like editing videos, Rendering files, Building Models of all sorts, Programming robots to work on Machine learning principle, Training neuron on Deep learning algorithm and creating Music in Studios will require much powerful hardware components like latest CPU’s , GPU and Storage device with faster data transfer rate.

Creators Computer

For a digital creator or an artist computer is like a investment scheme which is important as an workforce for any business. The hardware components chosen will determine the performance that will be generated and thus, The income and time depend on the Computers ability to work. To make it simple the PC should be equipped with latest hardware in all aspects not only CPU, GPU and RAM.

How PCkumar Serving Creators of niche

You might be a photographer, Designer, Cinematographer, Data Scientist working on Deep learning, Machine learning or artificial intelligence programs. We assist all creators in your journey of making super computer with all superior hardware brought by our partners brands and economical price we deliver performance at door step with high level customization.

From understanding minor and major factors like speed, price, Cores and size of components that go in making of PC, We provide best compatibility to the users with their requirement as our goals.

We deal with all types of consumer and Server/Workstation projects. With our wide partners companies in CPU industry like Intel Xeon, AMD Threadripper, Eypc Rome we bring the levels of Computation at your doorsteps.

From Workstation cards to RTX series, From desktop RAM to ECC, From Cooler master To Chenbro cases, From Raid cards to Lan Cards all your requirement will be catered by us.

Technologies served from our hardware’s

  1. Graphic editor
  2. Video Editor
  3. 3D Rendering
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Blockchain
  6. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  7. Cognitive Cloud Computing
  8. DevOps
  9. Internet of Things (IoT)
  10. Big Data

We have all the kinds of hardware for different kinds of applications like Adobe Products, Auto-cad, Blender, Lumion 3D, MATLAB, Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya, Neural Designer, Keras, Torch, IBM Watson, Tensorflow, Azure Machine Learning Studio, Hadoop, Quoble, IBM Blockchain Platform, Ethereum, Amazon QLDB.

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