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Best Custom PC / Workstations / gaming pc in Bangalore

At PC Kumar, we offer a wide range of powerful, specialized HEDT Workstations / custom PCs in Bangalore, SP Road PC Build that can be used for high resource, demanding tasks that require high-powered computers.

Like normal personal computers our models can be connected to a local area network (LAN) and run multi-user operating systems – but they run more process demanding tasks with built-in high-tech specs. These high-end computers / Custom PCs are designed for running technical applications like CAD software’s, software development, audio production and scientific calculating applications.

Whether you need a Workstation in an office, music studio or for a complex project, you can rely on our powerful Workstations from PC Kumar to get the job done.

Our Workstations offer outstanding value for money with increasing efficiency and productivity.

We also allow you to customize your Workstation PC to the way you want it. We feature dozens of choice and PC upgrades for you to choose from, once you are happy with your loadout you can place an order and your workstation PC will be delivered on to your front entrance in no time!

Not Just that, Only the most powerful components will work for our leading line of the Workstation PCs. With the carefully designed and selected components, we’re sure that our PC Workstations can handle any tasks you throw at them. We are the leading company in Bangalore to provide Workstations with such capacities.

At PCKumar, we stock and use components from the most reputable brands around the world like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD, among others. Using this approach ensures the crisp performance, durability, value for money and a frustration-free performance.

Every Workstation / Custom PC in Bangalore you get from PCKumar has gone through a series of rigorous tests to make sure it can stand up to the demands in the field and surpass your expectation.

The Workstations PCs are designed to deliver efficiency and productivity no matter the kind of project you are handling.

ABOUT PC KUMAR : Custom PC In Bangalore
We are a dynamic team of creatives people who have love for all IT products

We are IT professional team making it easier for Bangalorean’s to build IT infrastructure with  Computers, Servers and workstation, Printer, CCTV Cameras & Networking products available at one go. We are situated at the center of Bengaluru IT Market(S.P Road). Our Expertise and Competitive pricing will assist you into selecting best electonic hardware, with all components in our warehouses readily available .

We have assisted many brands and individuals in building best IT structure with computers, Networking and security fields. Our expertize and price have provided a new way for competitive market and have removed all barriers in making IT products available at home delivery with expertise and proper monitoring

Gaming PC in Bangalore

We are the experts in building custom gaming PCs / desktops in Bangalore. With our vast experience in the custom PC industry, we know which configuration works the best and gives the best output. 

Fill the form / what’s app us to schedule a free consultation on how to make the custom gaming pc / desktop in Bangalore.

We give the best pricing in the whole Bangalore market for gaming PC / Workstations. 


gaming pc bangalore
Our mission is to provide our client what they need! We are a dynamic team of creatives people.

PCKumar is situated at the center of silicon city Bangalore. But we are not limited to a specific area or so, but have an integrated level expertise in most of the IT niche like Computing, Networking and Securiy solutions.  The management is departmentized into several teams which take care in particular devision. Our Aim is to provide the same extpertise all over Bangalore city. 
Computer Assembly is our most expertised and prominents niche which we undertake. We also like other dealers have products and engeneers not only to build Customized computer but to provide others components which would make many lives easier.
our sales and support have helped many business and individual walk through success with hassle free sales environment and support system. Like any other companies even we rely on profits which we make through sales, but our approach to sell is different and margins are maintained low to ensure that everyone could get desired set of products at reasonalbe prices.

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FAQ on Custom / Gaming PC in Bangalore

Q. How much does it cost to have a custom PC build ?

A. It starts from as low as Rs 10,000 and then sky is the limit for custom PC. Call / Whatsapp us on +91 9902058428 & share your requirement to get the best price quotation.

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