Ant Esports Chassis 205 Air White ( Chassis Without Power Supply )

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Experience gaming at its best with the Ant Esports 205 Air gaming cabinet, designed to elevate your PC setup to new heights. Boasting a futuristic front mesh design, this cabinet not only adds a touch of style to your gaming rig but also ensures optimal airflow for peak performance.

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ant esports 205 air computer case gaming cabinet

205 air front mesh panel

205 air body structure

205 air io panel

205 air gaming cabinet

205 air computer case hardware

205 air tempered glass side panel

205 air hdd ssd storage support

205 air computer case fan support

205 air liquid cooling support

205 air magnetic dust filter on top

205 air cabinet dimensions

205 air specifications

Advanced Cooling System: The Ant Esports 205 Air is equipped with four pre-installed 120mm ARGB fans, providing exceptional cooling right out of the box. With support for a total of six 120mm fans, users have the flexibility to enhance airflow for optimal cooling performance, making it an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts.
Versatile Radiator Support: This gaming cabinet supports up to a 360mm radiator in the front and a 240mm radiator on top, catering to the needs of users who prefer liquid cooling solutions. The strategic placement of radiator mounts allows for efficient heat dissipation, enabling users to build powerful gaming rigs without compromising on thermal management.
Compatibility with Mainstream Air Coolers: The Ant Esports 205 Air supports CPU air coolers with a height of up to 160mm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of mainstream air coolers available in the market. This allows users to choose and install their preferred cooling solution for reliable and efficient thermal performance.
User-Friendly I/O Panel: The I/O panel on the top of the cabinet features two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, audio jacks, a power button, and an LED control button. This comprehensive set of ports and controls ensures easy connectivity for peripherals and convenient access to essential functions, enhancing the overall user experience.
Optimized Storage Options and Futuristic Design: The Ant Esports 205 Air incorporates a unique futuristic front mesh design, not only contributing to its aesthetic appeal but also optimizing airflow for effective cooling. The case can accommodate up to two 3.5″ HDDs or two 2.5″ SSDs simultaneously, providing ample storage space for gaming files and multimedia content while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.

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