Ant Esports Chassis ICE-300 Mesh V2 – Black ( Chassis Without PSU )

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The Ant Esports ICE-300 Mesh V2 is designed to elevate your gaming experience, this cutting-edge cabinet is a perfect fusion of style, functionality, and cooling prowess.Unleash the power of your gaming rig with the Ant Esports ICE-300 Mesh V2’s exceptional cooling capabilities.

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Advanced Cooling System: The Ant Esports ICE-300 Mesh V2 gaming cabinet comes equipped with four 120mm pre-installed fans, providing exceptional airflow and ensuring efficient cooling for your high-performance gaming components. The mesh front panel design allows for unrestricted airflow, optimizing heat dissipation and maintaining optimal temperatures during intense gaming sessions.
Versatile Storage Options: With support for either two HDDs or three SSDs, the ICE-300 Mesh V2 offers ample storage space to accommodate your growing gaming library, media files, and applications. The flexible storage configuration allows gamers to balance between traditional HDDs for higher capacity storage or SSDs for faster data access and load times.
Expansive Motherboard Compatibility: The gaming cabinet is designed to support motherboards up to the ATX size, providing compatibility with a wide range of gaming configurations. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an enthusiast with an extensive set of components, the ICE-300 Mesh V2 can accommodate your preferred motherboard.
Efficient Liquid Cooling Support: For enthusiasts seeking advanced cooling capabilities, the ICE-300 Mesh V2 boasts support for up to a 280mm radiator in the front. This liquid cooling compatibility enables gamers to unleash the full potential of their high-performance processors while maintaining stable and low operating temperatures.
Ample CPU Cooler Clearance: The gaming cabinet offers a generous 159mm clearance for CPU air coolers. This space ensures compatibility with a wide selection of popular aftermarket air coolers, allowing gamers to choose the best-performing cooling solution for their specific needs without any constraints.

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