Ant Esports Chassis SX310 Pro ( Without Power Supply )

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The Ant Esports SX310 Pro PC cabinet, your ultimate solution for a professional-looking and high-performance computer setup. This sleek and stylish cabinet is designed with a full black exterior and a solid metal side panel, exuding a premium aesthetic that is sure to impress.

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Sleek and Professional Design: The Ant Esports SX310 Pro PC cabinet features a full black design with a solid metal side panel, giving it a sleek and professional look. It adds a touch of elegance to your gaming or professional setup, making it visually appealing.

Excellent Cooling Capability: With support for up to five 120mm fans, the SX310 Pro ensures efficient cooling for your components. The ample fan support helps maintain optimal temperatures, preventing overheating and ensuring smooth performance during intense gaming or heavy workloads.

Radiator Compatibility: The cabinet provides support for up to 240mm radiators, allowing you to incorporate liquid cooling solutions for superior heat dissipation. This feature enables you to maximize cooling potential and achieve optimal performance for your high-end components.

Versatile Component Compatibility: The SX310 Pro offers extensive compatibility for various components. It can accommodate CPU air coolers with a height of up to 160mm, enabling you to install larger and more efficient cooling solutions. The cabinet also supports E-ATX motherboards, providing ample space for your high-performance system.

Storage Flexibility: With support for up to four 3.5″ HDDs and five 2.5″ SSDs, along with two 5.25″ optical drives, the SX310 Pro offers plenty of storage options. You can easily store and expand your game libraries, multimedia files, and professional workloads without worrying about space constraints. The versatile storage configuration allows for easy customization to suit your specific needs.

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