Ant Esports Iceinfinite -240 ARGB CPU Cooler with heatsink black

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The Ant Esports ICE-Infinite 360 ARGB CPU liquid cooler is a fusion of cutting-edge technology and mesmerizing aesthetics to elevate your PC cooling experience. Boasting a robust 360mm design, this liquid cooler is equipped with a dual-chamber pump featuring high head pressure and a generous copper base for efficient heat dissipation.

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Innovative Infinity Mirror Design: The Ant Esports ICE-Infinite 360 ARGB CPU liquid cooler introduces a captivating infinity mirror design on the pump top. This unique feature, with ARGB backlighting, not only adds a futuristic touch to your build but also allows for customizable and motherboard-controlled lighting effects, creating a mesmerizing visual centerpiece.

Efficient Cooling Power: Equipped with a dual-chamber pump boasting high head pressure and a substantial copper base, the ICE-Infinite 360 ensures efficient heat dissipation for optimal CPU performance. The EPDM braided tubes contribute to durability and flexibility, enhancing the overall cooling solution.

Customizable ARGB Pump: The pump’s infinity mirror design is not just for show—it’s fully customizable. Utilizing the motherboard’s ARGB header, users can personalize and control the lighting effects, syncing them with their system or creating a unique visual display to match their preferences.

Quiet and Durable Fans: Each 120mm fan included in the ICE-Infinite 360 ARGB is PWM compatible, providing precise control over fan speed. Featuring high-static pressure ratings and fluid dynamic bearings, the fans operate quietly, ensuring a serene computing environment while extending their lifespan.

Seamless RGB Synchronization: Elevate your system aesthetics with synchronized RGB lighting across the pump and fans. The 3-pin 5V ARGB connector facilitates easy integration with popular ARGB utilities like MSI Mystic Light, Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte Fusion, and more. Enjoy a cohesive and visually stunning lighting experience with the Ant Esports ICE-Infinite 360 ARGB CPU liquid cooler.

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