Ant Esports PSU VS600L (R-41258563)

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The Ant Esports VS600L PSU is aimed at providing reliable and high-performance components in the hands of every gamer at affordable pricing. Constructed with passion and composed of high-grade quality components this unit ensures a stable power supply even under high loads.

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A single 12V rail configuration makes it ideal for entry to medium-level gaming builds where optimum power delivery is the key to ideal performance. Comes in an all-black stealth design with a silent 120mm fan rated at 80CFM. The unit not only gels in well with any build theme but also works silently even under full load to give you that much-desired silence that every gamer needs to concentrate on his gameplay.

Value Series – The Ant Esports Value Series line of power supplies are driven by the motto Great Performance at Greater Price and aims to bring quality products into the hands of every gamer. Each unit is made with great passion by individuals having years of experience in the industry so each product is built to succeed no matter what the condition!

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