Ant Esports PSU VS700L (R-41183482)

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Single 12v Rail

Silent 120mm fan

Modern Connectors

High-Quality Components

2 Years Warranty


Motherboard- (20+4 Pins) 1pcs

CPU- (4 Pins) 2 pcs

PCIe- (6+2 pins) 1pcs

SATA- 4pcs

Molex- 2pcs

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ant esports vs700 , psu, power supply
ant esports vs700l
ant esports vs700l
ant esports vs700l psu

Give your PC a reliable and efficient power supply in form of the Ant Esports VS700L 700W PSU. Coming from the Value Series of Ant Esports the VS700L aims to deliver high grade quality, reliable topology and sheer performance at a pocket friendly price tag. It comes with 2 years warranty and delivers upto 80% efficiency under a variety of loads. Safety feature such as over current and over power protection are build into the unit to ensure safety of your PC components even under voltage fluctuations

Equipped with a single 12V rail the unit delivers all its 700W with precision and efficiency to ensure proper functioning of your PC even under full load. The 120mm fan on the unit is silent and produces low noise even when spinning at full speed so you can concentrate on your work with ease. The Ant Esports VS700L is a great budget option PSU for reliable, efficient, and safe user experience.

Single 12v Rail – A single 12V rail promises reliable and consistent power delivery.

Silent 120mm fan – The 120mm fan spins consistently yet quietly to keep the unit cool even under full load & is rated for 100,000 hours of lifespan!

Modern Connectors – Comes with all the cables for a modern high-end system including a single 8-pin PCIe connector.

High-Quality Components – The VS700L is made with high-quality components for reliable and consistent performance.

2 Years Warranty – The PSU comes with a full 2 years warranty.

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