Next Level Racing Pro Gaming Chair Black Leather & Suede Edition

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Gc Pro Suede Solid


The Pro Gaming Chair is constructed from the highest quality of material to provide the most premium gaming experience. The Pro Gaming Chair frame is constructed with a 2mm steel robotically welded structural body to provide maximum rigidity during long hours of gaming. The casted 5-arm carbon steel base provides a solid and silent platform for the Pro Gaming Chair, allowing maximum strength for different size users. The 60mm diameter pressure castor wheels consist of a Nylon core that enables the castor wheel to be strong and quiet while moving around on soft or hard floors. Positioned on a Safety Class 4 gas lift, the Pro Gaming Chair provides support for different size users up to 140 kg or 308 lbs.




The Pro Gaming Chair is constructed from the highest quality PU leather combined with premium suede fabric to ensure longevity and comfort for the user. The premium PU leather is both soft and durable while offering a hygienic surface for cleaning. Similarly, to PU Leather the premium suede covering provides a durable and high grip surface. The Pro Gaming Chair seat base is built from cold-cured foam, while the backrest and the bolsters are constructed from High-density foam for maximum comfort, ensuring a supportive and comfortable base and backrest for long hours of gaming and esports competition.



Gc Pro Suede Material
Gc Pro Details


Providing details to make your gaming chair unique! The Pro Gaming Chair offers industrial machined stitched patterns that closely replicates motorsport vehicles whilst providing an elegant and premium finish in red. The side trimmed materials boasts a carbon fiber finish as you would see in most luxury cars. The Pro Gaming Chair also comes with Next Level Racing® branded headrest and lumbar cushion that is fully adjustable to the user’s preferred position. The Pro Gaming Chair is completed with custom Next Level Racing® Recliners for a premium finish. The embroidered Next Level Racing® logos elevate the look of the Pro Gaming Chair for a full brand experience.




The Pro Gaming Chair is set to be one of the most comfortable gaming chairs for daily use or esports competitions. Constructed with cold-cured foam for the base and high-density foam backrest, the user is able to benefit from a supportive foundation. This also allows a better weight distribution while sitting in the gaming chair for long hour of usage. The Pro Game Chair has a fitted base and backrest as seen in race car seats, making it the perfect selection for users that seeks a hugging sensation while sitting. The Pro Gaming Chair is also the perfect addition to any esports events, as it provides is non-restrictive shape, with multiple levels of fine adjustments for long hours of use.



Gc Pro Comfort Suede




Gc Arm


Get the right configuration for the optimal gaming experience. The Pro Gaming Chair offers a 4D Arm that allows height, rotation, width, with back and forth for maximum adjustability. This level of adjustability allows optimal ergonomics and comfort for the user. Offering 135 degrees of backrest tilt, the user can fine-tune the angle based on preference. The Multi-functional tilt mechanism provides the user with easy adjustments to ensure optimal positioning for the highest level of competitive gaming and esports.



Pro Leather Fwb Measure 1.2

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