Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD

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Wheel Stand Dd Shifter


The unique design of the shifter arm allows height adjustment to the users preference. The shifter arm is also able to be mounted on either right or left hand side. The included pre-drilled handbrake plate can supports a shifter and handbrake at the same time. Designed for professional shifters and handbrakes including all major brands such as Thrustmaster® and. Fanatec®.




With the most advanced laser cutting and robot welding of carbon steel in a stealth Matte Black, the Wheels Stand DD is capable of withstanding extensive braking force. The added strengthening bolt ensure no flex is felt during game play when using professional pedal sets.



Wheel Stand Dd Pedals
Wheel Stand Dd Strong


The Wheel Stand DD is designed and engineered to be the strongest and most feature packed wheel stand. The Wheel Stand DD is the first to withstand the strength of Direct Drive wheels. The Wheel Stand DD is a professional grade product for the serious sim racers using high end equipment and is compatible and pre-drilled for Thrustmaster®, Fanatec® wheels, Logitech® and Simxperience® Accuforce wheels.

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The unique design allows portability without compromising strength by being able to lift and roll the wheel stand on its front wheels and then lock for serious racing. Customers that don’t require portability also have the option of having the stand on its adjustable feet without using the wheels provided.



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