Ant Esports CPU Cooler ICE-C621 With Heatsink

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The sleek, all-black design gives the ICE-621 a stealthy aesthetic, making it the perfect addition to any gaming PC setup. Beneath its stylish exterior, six 6mm thick copper heatpipes ensure optimal heat dissipation, while the hydro bearing technology in the fans guarantees durability and silent operation

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High Cooling Capacity and Dual-Tower Design: The Ant Esports ICE-621 is a part of the ICE series, renowned for its superior cooling performance. This dual-tower CPU air cooler is equipped with six 6mm thick copper heatpipes, ensuring efficient heat dissipation. The dual-tower design maximizes cooling capacity, making it an ideal choice for users seeking optimal thermal performance for their gaming PCs.
Dual 120mm ARGB PWM Fans: The ICE-621 features dual 120mm ARGB fans that not only enhance the cooler’s cooling efficiency but also contribute to the aesthetics of the system. The PWM function allows users to control fan speeds through the BIOS for a balance between cooling performance and noise levels.
The universal ARGB lighting is compatible with popular software platforms, including MSI Mystic Light, Asus Aura Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion, enabling customizable lighting effects.
Stealthy All-Black Design: Sporting an all-black design, the ICE-621 delivers a stealthy and sleek appearance, making it a perfect fit for any gaming PC setup. The blacked-out aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to the cooler, seamlessly integrating it into various build themes.
Efficient and Silent Fan Operation: The hydro bearing technology incorporated in the fans ensures durability and silent operation. Users can enjoy efficient cooling without compromising on a quiet computing experience. The advanced bearing technology contributes to the longevity of the fans, making the ICE-621 a reliable cooling solution for long-term use.
Universal Compatibility and Easy Installation: With a total height of 148mm, the ICE-621 is highly compatible with various cabinets, offering flexibility in system configurations. The easy installation mechanism ensures compatibility with mainstream AMD and Intel platforms, including the latest AM5 and LGA 1700 sockets. Users can seamlessly install the cooler without hassle, making it a user-friendly choice for PC builders and upgraders alike.

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