Ant Esports DARKFLOW 120mm 3-in-1 Case Fan Kit Black)

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The Ant Esports Darkflow PC Fan Kit is a powerful trio of 120mm fans designed for enthusiasts who demand high performance and a sleek all-black aesthetic. Engineered to elevate your PC cooling experience, each fan in this kit features a 4-pin PWM connector, providing precise control over speed settings via your motherboard’s BIOS.

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High-Performance All-Black Design: The Ant Esports Darkflow PC Fan Kit is crafted for enthusiasts who demand both style and power. Featuring three 120mm fans in a sleek all-black design, this kit adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming rig while delivering exceptional cooling performance.
Precision Speed Control with 4-pin PWM Connector: Equipped with a 4-pin PWM connector, the Darkflow fan kit allows you to take precise control of your system’s cooling dynamics. Adjust the fan speed through your motherboard’s BIOS settings, tailoring it to your specific needs with accuracy and ease.
Sickle Shaped Blades for Optimal Airflow: The Darkflow fans boast sickle-shaped blades, designed to maximize airflow efficiency. Running at an impressive 1800 RPM, these fans generate 40 CFM of airflow and 2.12 mm-H2O of static pressure, making them an ideal choice for case ventilation or radiator applications in both liquid and air cooling setups.
Silent Operation and Extended Lifespan: With Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology, the Darkflow fans operate silently, ensuring an immersive gaming or working environment without unnecessary noise. Rated for an impressive 50,000 hours of lifespan, these fans provide long-lasting reliability for extended and demanding usage.
Enhanced Stability with Rubber Pads: To further enhance user experience, the Darkflow fans come equipped with rubber pads on the corners. These pads serve a dual purpose by acting as noise dampeners and effectively eliminating vibrations during operation, ensuring a stable and quiet computing experience.

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