Ant Esports CARBONFLOW 120mm Case Fan (Black)

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The Ant Esports Carbonflow is the epitome of high-performance meets affordability in the realm of PC cooling. This sleek 120mm black fan packs a punch, delivering impressive airflow at an exceptionally pocket-friendly price point.

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High Performance, Budget-Friendly: The Ant Esports Carbonflow sets the benchmark for budget-friendly high-performance PC fans. With a sleek black design, this 120mm fan not only complements your PC build aesthetically but also offers exceptional cooling capabilities without breaking the bank.
Universal Compatibility with MOLEX Connector: Engineered for convenience, the Carbonflow features a MOLEX connector for power to the motor, ensuring universal compatibility with any PC. This versatility makes it a hassle-free addition to your gaming rig, regardless of your system specifications.
Optimal Performance at 1300RPM: Operating at an efficient 1300 RPM, the Carbonflow delivers a consistent airflow of 40 CFM, making it an ideal choice for a case fan. Experience enhanced cooling performance to keep your system running smoothly, even during intense gaming sessions or demanding tasks.
Silent Operation with Fluid Dynamic Bearing: Enjoy a whisper-quiet gaming experience with the Carbonflow’s Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology. This fan is engineered for silent operation, providing efficient cooling without adding unwanted noise to your gaming environment. Immerse yourself in your favorite games without distractions.
Longevity and Stability: The Ant Esports Carbonflow is not only a cost-effective solution but also a reliable one. With a remarkable 30,000 hours lifespan, this fan is built to last. The addition of rubber pads on the corners ensures noise dampening and eliminates vibrations during use, contributing to a stable and quiet gaming setup.

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