Ant Esports PSU FP650B (R-41258563 )

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The Ant Esports FP650B Gaming Power Supply Unit, your gateway to relentless gaming performance and unmatched reliability. Designed with the avid gamer in mind, this 80+ Bronze rated PSU ensures up to 85% efficiency, delivering consistent power while keeping energy consumption in check. With its sleek flat black cables, your gaming rig will not only run smoothly but look stunningly organized.

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Efficient Power Delivery: The Ant Esports FP650B is equipped with an 80+ Bronze rating, ensuring that it operates at up to 85% efficiency. This means it effectively converts power from your outlet into stable and reliable electricity for your gaming rig, reducing energy waste and heat generation.

Flat Black Cables: The PSU comes with flat black cables, which not only improve cable management by reducing clutter but also provide a sleek and tidy look to your gaming setup. This feature enhances airflow and aesthetics inside your PC case.

Active PFC for Voltage Stability: Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) is an essential feature that ensures the power supply can handle voltage fluctuations smoothly. The Ant Esports FP650B’s active PFC capability ensures your gaming system operates consistently and reliably, even in areas with unstable power grids.

Continuous Power Delivery: With its ability to deliver continuous power, the FP650B is designed to handle the demands of modern gaming systems. Whether you’re engaged in intense gaming sessions or running resource-intensive applications, this PSU provides a stable power source to keep your hardware running smoothly.

Quiet Cooling with 120mm Silent Fan: The inclusion of a 120mm silent fan ensures effective cooling without excessive noise. This fan keeps the PSU’s temperature in check, prolonging its lifespan and contributing to a quieter gaming experience.

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