Next Level Racing Elite Seat ES1

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Es1 Circle 1 11zon


After extensive research on ergonomics and strength, the ES1 Seat focuses on giving you an advantage over your competition. Get the comfort for long endurance races, the support for precision braking, and the strength for users with heavy load pedals. By introducing a fixed-back singlepiece seat, the ES1 Seat solves potential flex otherwise experienced with conventional reclining seats. By using a contourshaped seat, all users can enjoy a fitted feel with maximum comfort. The ES1 Seat is designed to improve the sim racing experience in ergonomics and also strength to resolve the twisting commonly experienced in other conventional seats on the market.




Manufactured using a custom-tooled 5 axis rotational molding process to ensure material consistency, providing maximum rigidity and strength. By using premium suede covering, it provides durability and added grip to meet the demand of every sim racer. Premium brass mounting hardware locations create versatility for various mounting configurations including Buttkickers, seat belts, and other haptic technologies. Combining the Next Level Racing seat bracket with the ES1 seat, the user can utilize 98 unique mounting configurations.



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