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The Next Level Racing® Flight Seat Pro offers a range of different configurations to suit the needs of every flight user. With its ergonomically designed flight seat featuring a military stick cut-out, helicopter and space setups are easily accommodated. The flight plate arm provides a wide range of adjustment for your electronics to allow for quick and easy positioning to the ideal setup. The HOTAS mounting pole with support for extended HOTAS sticks ensures compatibility with all major brands, delivering a seamless experience for all users. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional pilot, the Flight Seat Pro is the perfect choice for your next flight simulation experience. Immerse yourself in the spaceship with the right joystick positions and simultaneously switch to your controller to roam in the game.


The Next Level Racing® Flight Seat Pro offers extensive adjustability for an optimal flight experience. Its centre HOTAS mounting pole is a standout feature allowing for height and angle adjustment, accommodating a range of desired configurations. The flight plates are compatible with a wide range of throttles and HOTAS peripherals. The HOTAS centre pole offers an 80mm height adjustment and a 74-degree angle bracket adjustment range. The flight plate arms can be adjusted for height and lateral movement and can be attached to the top or bottom of the frame, allowing for different setups. The top placement is for general flight peripherals while the bottom placement is for helicopter peripherals.

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The combination of Flight Seat Pro and Flight Stand Pro offer a range of different configurations to suit the needs of every flight user. The combination is compatible with the Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform and Motion Platform, providing an even more immersive flight experience with motion adaptability. Additionally, the Flight Stand Pro is compatible with Next Level Racing® Flight Seat Pro, ensuring a seamless integration. With configurations available for General Aviation, Commercial, Space, Military, and helicopter setups, users can choose the perfect setup to suit their needs. The Next Level Racing® Flight range has been specifically designed and developed with flight users in mind. Flight users can create a commercial flight configuration by attaching a wide range of yokes, rudders, and throttles directly to the cockpit. A military configuration is possible with a unique cut-out design of the seat to attach the Hotas center stick directly to the middle plate, providing a true-to-life combat experience. For general aviation, several adaptor plates are provided to ensure cross compatibility of electronics on the market to be attached directly to the cockpit. Space users can utilize the included Keyboard and Mouse tray to attach the two joysticks and have their keyboard and mouse within reach for the most reactive gaming experience.


The Flight Seat Pro is designed for comfort during long hours of flight, with high-density foam and a combination of PU leather and suede for breathability and longevity. The seat has a unique double recliner design for added strength and can be fine-tuned for different angles. It is positioned higher to accommodate flight rudders and has a cut-out design for the best positioning of the joystick between the user’s legs during combat or helicopter flight.

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Over the years, Next Level Racing® has engineered flight solutions for some of the most serious applications on the planet. We are proud to have supplied flight cockpits to NASA®, Boeing®, Bristol University Department of Aerospace Engineering, Australian & British Air Force Cadets, Saitek®, Oshkosh Air Show, European Pilot of the year James Moon and many more. The Next Level Racing® Flight products are designed to be modular, allowing for easy customization to fit the specific needs of each user. With expert knowledge and feedback from customers globally, the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulators are trusted by thousands of users worldwide for training and entertainment purposes.

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