Next Level Racing Elite Tablet/Button Box Mount Add-On


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The Elite Tablet / Button Box Add-on is designed and engineered to give you the ability to mount your Tablet or Button Box in the perfect position. With a double joined configuration, the user is able to have full adjustability in distance and placement of their button box. With multiple setup configurations, the user can set up with a single arm combination to achieve perfect integration. The Elite Tablet/ Button Box Add-on also offers three lateral axes of rotation for ease of movement and for fine adjustment in distance and angle. The ability for the vertical axis of rotation, allows the user to angle their button box or tablet in the optimal positioning. The mount clamps offer a 105 degree of range (90 degrees Upwards tilt and 15 degrees downward tilt). The Mount Arms adjustment is 160 degrees (80 Degrees Clockwise and 80 Degrees Counter Clockwise). For the Wheel Plate mounting variation, the angle adjustment offers 120 degrees (60 Degrees Clockwise and 60 Degrees Counter Clockwise), while the pivot angle adjustment range is 140 degrees (90 Degrees Upward tilt and 50 Degrees Downward tilt).


The Elite Tablet/ Button Box Add-on is constructed from a premium aluminium profile with a custom premium black anodised finish, combined with precision folded black carbon steel for added strength. With the 3-mounting variations, the Elite Tablet/ Button Box Add-on is able to be mounted to any existing Elite series cockpit and other aluminium cockpits, based on user preference and the most realistic positioning.

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