Next Level Racing GTElite Lite Wheel Plate Edition

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Conventional corner brackets are now things of the past. In contrast, the GTElite Lite Cockpit utilizes an innovative approach with its 8mm thick Carbon Steel Reinforced Upright Direct Mounting plates. As a result, the GTElite Lite boasts stronger reinforcement and connection between the vertical uprights and the base of the chassis. Furthermore, to eliminate any movement and increase the clamping force between the components, custom-engineered full channel width spring ball T-slot nuts are strategically used throughout the build. Additionally, through bolts are employed in areas that require higher clamp force and rigidity. The 8mm Carbon Steel Sandwich Plate also provides a connection between the vertical uprights and the pedal plate to lock in and increase the reinforcement between the structural parts of the cockpit. Similarly, the strength continues with precision machined holes to bolt the base of the profile directly for a more rigid foundation.


High-end features like strong wheel and pedal base like never seen before now available at a mid-range price point. Precisely designed multi-folded wheel, pedal, and plates combined with thick carbon steel remove deflection and flex to provide a stronger and more rigid platform for users to attach their highest-performing electronics. The FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Tests reveal the strength of the innovative GTElite Lite plate designs by comparing them to other flat steel or aluminium designs commonly found in conventional cockpits on the market.

Wheel Deck –equivalent to 14.3mm steel or 20.85mm aluminium
Pedal Deck – equivalent to 10.84mm steel or 15.83mm aluminium

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The innovative Next Level Racing® Seat Sliding System has been meticulously designed and engineered, specifically to address and eliminate the issue of flex found in conventional seat sliders used in simulators. Then, the NLR ratchets are thoughtfully included, thereby allowing you to easily slide your seat back and forth. Consequently, this feature enables you to find the desired position, ensuring a flex-free racing experience.

Additionally, the Next Level Racing® Elite Sim Racing Seats are highly recommended for use with the Elite range of cockpits. Our design team has specifically crafted and optimized these seats to meet the needs of elite sim racers.


Equipping the user with all the gear needed for the most authentic sim racing experience

  • Premium anodizing quality and finish aluminium profile with custom NLR end caps, ensuring a sleek and professional look.
  • Additionally, laser-etched logos and line markings are included for easier and quicker adjustments.
  • Also available is the ButtKicker Gamer 2 Adaptor, enhancing the immersive experience.
  • A flex-free seat slider system is integrated, providing stability and comfort.
  • Furthermore, the Pedal slider system facilitates quicker distance adjustments, complete with easy alignment laser line guides.
  • Next Level Racing® Custom Feet are provided, featuring height-adjustable shock-absorption feet for stability.
  • Also included are 6 x Next Level Racing® Custom Cable Clips, capable of holding up to 4 larger cables or 8 smaller gauged cables, for organized cable management.
  • There’s also a Next Level Racing® Tool Kit Holder to keep your tools for adjustment handy, connected to the cockpit and a magnetic spirit level for precision alignment.
  • Additionally, a taller aluminum profile for wheel mount uprights allows more leg clearance, accommodating a wider range of users and driving positions.
  • Lastly, a larger wheel deck is included, allowing the attachment of various accessories and peripherals for enhanced customization.
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Designing custom components and utilizing advanced manufacturing processes, including precision machined holes in the aluminum profile, facilitates easier assembly and a more rigid connection as the profile bolts together. As a result, the improved design significantly reduces the hassles of aligning fiddly corner brackets, effectively making them a thing of the past. Combining the ease of assembly with the laser-etched line markings on the GTElite Lite profile helps you to get racing quicker than any other aluminum cockpit before. Each piece is individually placed in our custom foam packaging to ensure the safety of the product while in transport, providing a seamless user experience from the time the packaging is opened, completing the Elite experience.


The Next Level Racing® GTElite Lite offers versatile upgrade options within the Elite series to meet the user’s evolving racing needs. For instance, with the purchase of the Next Level Racing® GTElite Motion Adaptor Kit*, the GTElite Lite becomes compatible with Next Level Racing’s existing and future motion products. Moreover, the GTElite Lite can transform into a Formula or Hybrid racing position cockpit. That is possible through the addition of the Next Level Racing GTElite Formula and Hybrid Pedal Upgrade Kit and the Next Level Racing Universal Seat Brackets*. Furthermore, with a growing ecosystem of accessories in the Elite series, users have the opportunity to create a full racing experience. They can do this by adding accessories like attachable Monitor Stands, keyboard and mouse trays, tablet mount holders, and VR holders.

*Items purchased separately

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