Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus Motion Adaptor Kit


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Upgrade your racing simulator with the Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus Motion Adaptor Kit for a truly dynamic and engaging experience. Designed to seamlessly fit the Go Kart Plus Cockpit, this adaptor kit allows you to choose from multiple configurations: One Motion Plus Platform, dual Motion Plus Platforms for an all-encompassing motion experience, or the expansive direct attachment to the Traction Plus Platform. The powder-coated carbon steel build ensures durability and strength. Get ready to experience motion simulation that’s as close to real racing as it gets, enhancing both your skills and enjoyment.


Transform your racing setup into a dynamic training environment with the Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus Motion Adaptor Kit. This upgrade allows your cockpit to simulate realistic road conditions, providing a vital training tool for go-kart racers. Whether you’re using one or two Motion Plus Platforms or the comprehensive Traction Plus Platform, you’ll experience the nuances of different track textures and the impact of G-forces just as you would on an actual go-kart track with the addition of Next Level Racing® motion solutions. This immersive simulation is essential for racers at any level, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

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