Ant Esports CPU Cooler ICE-C400 With Heatsink

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Explore superior cooling performance with the Ant Esports ICE-C400, a standout addition to the ICE series. This single-tower CPU air cooler boasts a sleek design and exceptional cooling capabilities, making it an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts and PC builders seeking efficient thermal management.

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High Cooling Efficiency with Single Tower Design: The Ant Esports ICE-C400, part of the high-performance ICE series, offers exceptional cooling capacity with its single tower design. The cooler is equipped with four 6mm thick copper heatpipes, closely packed to maximize thermal transfer efficiency. This design ensures optimal heat dissipation, making it an excellent choice for users seeking reliable and efficient cooling for their CPUs.

Vibrant Rainbow LED Fan with PWM Control: The ICE-C400 comes with a 120mm rainbow LED fan, adding a vibrant touch to the system’s aesthetics. The fan is PWM compatible, allowing users to control the fan speed through the BIOS. This flexibility enables users to strike a balance between cooling performance and noise levels, tailoring the cooler to their specific preferences.

Hydro Bearing Technology for Durability and Silence: Featuring hydro bearing technology, the fan on the ICE-C400 is not only durable but also operates silently. This ensures a quiet computing environment while providing long-lasting performance. The advanced bearing technology contributes to the reliability and longevity of the cooler.

Universal Compatibility and Compact Design: With a total height of 148mm, the ICE-C400 is designed to be highly compatible with various cabinets, making it suitable for a wide range of PC builds. The compact design ensures compatibility with mainstream AMD and Intel platforms, including the latest AM5 and LGA 1700 sockets. This versatility makes the cooler accessible for users looking to upgrade their existing systems.

Effortless Installation Process: The ICE-C400 is equipped with an easy installation mechanism, streamlining the process for users during setup or upgrades. The user-friendly design ensures compatibility with mainstream AMD and Intel platforms, enhancing the overall convenience for PC builders. With a hassle-free installation process, users can quickly and efficiently integrate the cooler into their systems for optimal CPU cooling.

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