Next Level Racing GT Lite Pro Folding Cockpit

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The GTLite Pro ergonomically designed seat provides great support for long racing sessions while staying cool, thanks to its breathable materials and mesh body. The foam-padded backrest and seat provide lumbar, shoulder, and thigh support, while the new reclining hinge design offers three different angles to choose from. In addition, inspired by GT-style racing seats, the shape of the seat provides a fitted body position, backed by side padding and shoulder wings, giving an improved experience. With five different height adjustments available, as well as the option to choose between a shallower or deeper seat by changing the fabric tension and modifying the sitting angle, the overall height of the seat can be changed to suit users of all sizes. In fact, with the feature of the new backrest angle changing hinge design, you can be sure to race in comfort and confidence.


The Next Level Racing® GTLite Pro cockpit is designed to fold with wheels and pedals attached, hence making it possible to pack away and store. With its two attached roller wheels, the cockpit can also be easily rolled around and stored, making it perfect for those with limited space who still want a fully engaging racing experience. Furthermore, the GTLite’s main adjustments are done without tools and can be made in just a few seconds, letting you fine-tune your setup easily. Finally, the GTLite Pro’s small area makes it an ideal compact racing cockpit solution.

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In addition, the GTLite Pro boasts exceptional strength for a foldable cockpit and adaptability with its updated hole pattern in the wheel plate to suit newer wheels on the market, 2 strengthening straps for extra wheelbase support, and compatibility with entry-level DD wheelbases up to 13 Nm. The wheelbase support is further enhanced with a sturdier assembly, updated mounting holes for compatibility with all major wheelbase manufacturing brands, easy angle adjustment, swiveling wheelbase frame, and adjustable wheelbase distance in 3 positions.


The GTLite Pro racing cockpit offers shifter support with the inclusion of the Next Level Racing® Universal Handbrake plate, allowing the user to use both shifter and handbrake simultaneously, and is compatible with all major shifter manufacturing brands thanks to its updated mounting holes. The pedal support is also improved with wider pedal plates, compatibility with all major pedal manufacturing brands, improved pedal frame hinge design, and quick-release ratchet cams for easily sliding the pedals forward or backward in seconds. Undoubtedly, these adaptive features have garnered praise from thousands of customers who love the original compact design of the GTLite.

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